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Shorten your job searches and find the best Job for you

If you wish to shorten your job search and find the best one for you, you have to follow the tips given below:

• Seeking the advice of a professional career coach will cut down on your time to look for a job. The coach will provide effective advice and will help you in identifying a suitable job for you which will enhance your skills, knowledge and expertise and will take into account your work preferences, value and personality.

• A professional resume writer will prepare a perfect resume for you highlighting your skills and your USP. Job search is a highly specific zone where if you do not have clear goals then you might get lost. Hence, a professional resume writer will incorporate keywords and catchphrases and address issues in your resume which is current in the industry to get you an interview for your dream job.

• Just bagging an interview is not enough. It is just the first step to a long and prosperous career. It is wise to prepare for interviews beforehand so that you do not mess up at the crunch time. A coach is capable of training you to the often asked questions in an interview like “tell us about yourself”. Remember in most cases the first impression is the last usually.

• Do an honest self evaluation and work towards eliminating your weaknesses. It is important to stay ahead of the competition. So, check your competitors and study their resumes nicely so that you can work on your own weaknesses and get rid of them to achieve your goal. Remember there is shortcut to search jobs but no shortcut to achieving success.

• Haven’t you considered promoting your photos? May be its time then. Photos speak volumes about your personality and thus having a couple of them always helps. Have some in action photos to cut down on your job search.

Follow a methodology and do not just sit and send resumes continuously. That does not help. Properly prepared resume being sent to proper places help.

Why not change your career? Something to think about

Changing job is not such an uncommon affair as you might think. There are many people who change their career at various points in life. Some people do it for valid reasons while others for a need of change and adventure. It actually helps some others to find a proper perspective in life. Today the trend in the job arena is to shift companies and to shift the entire career.

You should think about career change definitely if the current job that you doing is not making you happy and is something you started by chance. This happens to many people. When your career is the one you have chosen most often it will not make you happy after a certain point. This is the indication that you should start contemplating on a change. By changing your career you might be able to use talents and skills in a better way. All you have to do is remain open to ideas. However, think deeply before you wish to quit your present job because financial stability is also important.

Sometimes it is seen that in spite of having a stable job some people do not derive satisfaction out of their present job. In this case he/she may be in need of a change. A change that will pose new challenges and demand new enthusiasm for work. You might feel charged up and may want to explore new territories. Do not let this feeling go waste because you may be as successful in the new field. Some people are really multi talented and it is a sin to waste their talents just by being stuck with the present job whereas a change can fetch you name, fame and of course money.

If you think that having a baby has changed your circumstances and that you cannot go out to work, you can quit your present job and start working from home as many women are doing these days. In this way they can take care of the baby and continue to work independently. When you feel that you cannot contribute anymore to your present career look for a change.

Occupation changes, is it possible in the middle of life?

It is absolutely possible to make a career shift in the middle of life. In fact, changing your career in the midlife has a challenge and thrill which can give a whole new meaning to your life. People mostly look for such changes not for money but for the love of the job and satisfaction coming with it. In fact, it has been seen that majority of people who have never been satisfied with their previous job derive fun and satisfaction from a midlife job change. It has a much greater impact than what we normally think it has.

There will be obstacles when you change your career midway but be unshakable in your decision. Talk and meet people who made a successful change so that you can derive inspiration from them. Being inspired from success stories, it is time for some introspection. Think about your skills, your interest, your passion and of course your experience. There are certain skills that are known as transferable skills which can be used in various types of jobs. Find out how many you have and also think about the co-curricular activities that you have been a part of. These will help you know yourself better.

Most people make a career change in midlife to achieve something different for themselves not taking into account monetary rewards. However, if you have a financial reason to change the job, then take note that certain organizations have provisions for senior employees to change their job roles. Find out more about such provisions at sites like these. Sometimes government aided programs can also be of help. Search for them online or visit the local workforce center to programs with economic help. You can apply for government grants even at the age of 40.

Remember that you are stepping out of your comfort zone which can pose difficulties for you. Here only your genuine passion for the job will save you. Do not think much about the change instead break down your plan into small steps so that you can avoid being overwhelmed. Have confidence in yourself and use your experience.

Will the jobs market improve in 2014?

It is being forecasted by experts that the jobs market will improve in 2014 across the world. All the major countries are experiencing record highs in stock market which is a good sign indicating that the economy is becoming stable and that there will be rise in the vacancies. In 2013 recruitment was slow and senior and mid level recruitment froze. New recruits were being taken unless that was for filling key gaps in organizations. 2014 will witness a flurry of new jobs and new recruits across industries along 20% hike in salaries.

The chief economist and MD of Deutsche Bank Securities is the opinion that if they could maintain a steady rise of 3% from 2013 through 2014 then the jobs prospect will improve in the US. This should be good news for millions of people who are completely out of job and also for part-timers possessing the quality for full time jobs with better salaries. Many economists believe that 2014 will not only witness a rise in job opportunities but also a rise in better quality jobs which will pay high and utilize the skills of employees properly.

Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of Federal Reserve stated that there has been a decrease in the unemployment rate by 7% in the year end of 2013 which is a positive sign. Nonfarm jobs have increased by 203,000 jobs which indicate a rise in vacancies. One thing which worries the economists is the inequality in cash distribution. While the underemployed labor is working at a low wage rate, the companies are stocking up on cash because they are also following the trend of lower payment to employees. The organizations have a staggering $6.8 trillion of cash only in US according to Thomson Reuters.

When this money will be paid, invested the companies will expand increasing the job market and opportunities for people. Economists are optimistic that the job market will improve in 2014 and the education, IT, agri-business, infrastructure sectors are going to witness robust hiring. Hence, right from economists to the corporate MDs everybody is hopeful that the job market will open up in 2014.

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