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The economic downturn might have taken a toll on your career. Either you have been laid off or you wish to find another job for some extra income. In any case, these following tips will help to improve your chance for a better job.

• Use your existing network to find a job. Start by letting people know that you are in need of a job. Talk to colleagues and friends and ask them to inform you as soon as they hear anything regarding a job. If you are looking to make some additional income, then inform about it to your supervisor and convince him/her that it will hamper your productivity with the firm.

• It is time to evaluate your resume. Consult your friends, books, online articles guiding you to build up an effective resume which will aid in landing a job during recession.

• Focus on your skills and stop bothering about your work history. You might have some transferable skills that may be useful in some other industry. Do not confine your search only in the familiar industry, go beyond that.

• Look through the company profile and vacancies or demands of the competitor organization. Being in a particular industry for a long time opens you up to explore the competition. Approach the competitors who can use your experience.

• Post your updated resume with your current status to job search engines. There are several of them now and make sure to do a city based search as well. Make your professional information accessible by companies and be aware of spammers. It is best to incorporate particular keywords in your resume to be searchable and also avoid mentioning your previous salary because it is best to be open to different kinds of offers in such hard times.

• Relocating could be a good option for you. Sometimes other cities or towns might have better opportunities for you.

• Though online search is the trend, still do not underestimate cold calling. Visit business houses in person to build a rapport that might pose an opportunity.

Career is something everybody dreams about. To have a fantastic start to a career ensures progress in your chosen career, though maintaining a successful one is a different story altogether. Launching a career is not easy. You have to do research as to which field you wish to be a part of and then of course you must people skills which is immensely important these days.

For freshers, it is important to gather experience. Your attitude and social skills make a huge difference in earning your first job. Employers these days want to have an entire package that is someone with good grades, internship experience, co-curricular involvement and experience in leadership roles. You are expected to communicate your capabilities in your resume or Curriculum Vitae. The Internet today is such a powerful medium that potential employers will search you on Google and find you on LinkedIn and Facebook to check your profile. Hence, maintaining an updated proper profile is necessary.

Internship experience counts a lot these days. So, focus on the tasks that you had carried out during the period and include them carefully in your resume. It can bring forth your work ethics, attitude and innovation. You have to mould yourself to become a professional from a student. Arrive at your office on time and demonstrate reliability. Be focused during interviews and come across as someone who is keen to contribute to the organization and a team player. Propelling the organization towards success should be your primary focus.

Do not just keep to yourself. Build your network both internally and externally as these people will be your mouth piece in times of need. It is important to let others know what are you upto. It helps in building trust and also your image. However, try to keep your personal and professional life separate. Most important thing is to know where your passion lies. Start exploring career options well in advance. You cannot land at a job easily after graduation without minimum research. So, know what you want to do and which you want to move and plan accordingly.

There are various resources used to find a suitable job. These resources can be grouped in various categories. They can be online as well as online. With Internet becoming the most trusted medium for job search, the focus has shifted from offline job search to online.

As offline resource you can talk to your friends, family, colleagues and partners for jobs. However, online offers a lot more opportunities to find out a suitable job matching your education, experience and skill set. The online resources include:

• Job portals or job sites are by far the best resources to land up an appropriate job. There are several of them where both job seekers and employers post job requirements on a daily basis. They also offer region specific services. You have to upload your resume and provide them with other important information to gain more visibility which will eventually fetch you an interview.

• The job search engines like SimplyHired have revolutionized the way people are looking for jobs currently. Use location and keywords to find a job on associations, company sites, major and minor job sites. This process is faster than any other.

• Networking sites may not be directly linked with your job search, but having your resumes posted on them increases your chance of landing a job. LinkedIn for instance is one of the largest professional network building platforms in the world. Having your professional summary in the site helps in reaching potential employers.

• Work at home is fast becoming a trend especially for women. Look through various websites offering work at home job listings and choose the best among them which suits your time.

• Job search and career books are extremely helpful and handy resources. There are several of them helping you to know the way to find jobs and also telling you about the job most suited for you.

• There are specific job sites offering opportunities to teens. Browsing through them will definitely help students to accumulate their pocket money by working. These websites also provide tips on how to search jobs.

In today's economy, finding a job is not an easy task. it doesn't matter if you are young or older, if you have an experience or you just got out of college. the economy is recovering, but still at a slow paste, and many people still have hard time finding a job, any job.

It will get worst, before it will get better unfortunately, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to be done in helping ourselves finding a decent job. first thing is stay positive. yes, that's right. your behavior and demeanor goes a long way when you go to job interviews, and send out resumes. Employers wants a good vibe and energy, and a positive one to bring to the work place.

Secondly you need connections. not necessarily be the son of the CEO, that's easy. I mean create a LinkedIn account, and gather connections and friends who will spread the word. it will present your former work and connection and will make the decision making process easier to the employer.

Third: evolve. easy to say, hard to do, but, there is a big upside in here. take a course and extend your areas of expertise. be proactive. if there is something you not sure of, learn. don't think you don't have a chance, you do. you need to stick out from the crowd, think outside the box, and be positive. always. at the end of the day, you will find an employer who will be impressed and give you a chance.