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Changing job is not such an uncommon affair as you might think. There are many people who change their career at various points in life. Some people do it for valid reasons while others for a need of change and adventure. It actually helps some others to find a proper perspective in life. Today the trend in the job arena is to shift companies and to shift the entire career.

You should think about career change definitely if the current job that you doing is not making you happy and is something you started by chance. This happens to many people. When your career is the one you have chosen most often it will not make you happy after a certain point. This is the indication that you should start contemplating on a change. By changing your career you might be able to use talents and skills in a better way. All you have to do is remain open to ideas. However, think deeply before you wish to quit your present job because financial stability is also important.

Sometimes it is seen that in spite of having a stable job some people do not derive satisfaction out of their present job. In this case he/she may be in need of a change. A change that will pose new challenges and demand new enthusiasm for work. You might feel charged up and may want to explore new territories. Do not let this feeling go waste because you may be as successful in the new field. Some people are really multi talented and it is a sin to waste their talents just by being stuck with the present job whereas a change can fetch you name, fame and of course money.

If you think that having a baby has changed your circumstances and that you cannot go out to work, you can quit your present job and start working from home as many women are doing these days. In this way they can take care of the baby and continue to work independently. When you feel that you cannot contribute anymore to your present career look for a change.

It is being forecasted by experts that the jobs market will improve in 2014 across the world. All the major countries are experiencing record highs in stock market which is a good sign indicating that the economy is becoming stable and that there will be rise in the vacancies. In 2013 recruitment was slow and senior and mid level recruitment froze. New recruits were being taken unless that was for filling key gaps in organizations. 2014 will witness a flurry of new jobs and new recruits across industries along 20% hike in salaries.

The chief economist and MD of Deutsche Bank Securities is the opinion that if they could maintain a steady rise of 3% from 2013 through 2014 then the jobs prospect will improve in the US. This should be good news for millions of people who are completely out of job and also for part-timers possessing the quality for full time jobs with better salaries. Many economists believe that 2014 will not only witness a rise in job opportunities but also a rise in better quality jobs which will pay high and utilize the skills of employees properly.

Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of Federal Reserve stated that there has been a decrease in the unemployment rate by 7% in the year end of 2013 which is a positive sign. Nonfarm jobs have increased by 203,000 jobs which indicate a rise in vacancies. One thing which worries the economists is the inequality in cash distribution. While the underemployed labor is working at a low wage rate, the companies are stocking up on cash because they are also following the trend of lower payment to employees. The organizations have a staggering $6.8 trillion of cash only in US according to Thomson Reuters.

When this money will be paid, invested the companies will expand increasing the job market and opportunities for people. Economists are optimistic that the job market will improve in 2014 and the education, IT, agri-business, infrastructure sectors are going to witness robust hiring. Hence, right from economists to the corporate MDs everybody is hopeful that the job market will open up in 2014.

Career is one of the most important aspects in one’s life which can make or mar your life. Everybody wants to have a flourishing career but few accomplish it. Here are some of the advices that will help you launch a successful career.

1. Learn through your job experiences. Being a learner and keeping an open mind will not only enrich you as a human being but also give you different perspectives to perceive things. It is hardly important whether you have stuck to one single organization for 10 years and functioned in the same role. Important is how much you have learned and gained in the form of knowledge, expertise and experience. This will be your USP.

2. Do not force yourself into a job you hate doing. Research has revealed that people do not last long in such job roles. Moreover, companies always hire people who have a passion for their job and will stick around to accomplish themselves and contribute in the company instead of someone who is clearly working for monetary rewards.

3. Be a quick learner and use your ability to grasp things fast and analyze situations even faster. You cannot wait for years to get a path breaking project. Make yourself visible and create an impact right from day one for your superiors to notice you.

4. Take risks. Yes, if you simply continue to do whatever you have been doing then you are denying yourself an opportunity to learn and adapt. Be proactive and demonstrate reliability so that your management understands that you are willing to put that extra bit on stake.

5. Remember that companies hire you and not the technology. They already have it and require people to utilize it. Soft skills were important and they still hold immense importance. Don’t dig yourself into your laptop or tablet 24*7. Make contact with people in person as well. There is no substitute to this.

6. Always keep track of results of projects you have been involved in. Remember that employers want people who are goal-oriented so just mentioning that you headed a project is not enough. Justify it.

Are you looking for a new job or you are just new to the job arena? Here are some quick tips to land a job quickly.

1. Get a separate email account to search job. This will help you keep emails organized and clutter free. Use this email account only for job search.

2. Always have your resume updated with current facts. If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, set up one right now. It is the largest professional network in the current times.

3. Use all your resources wisely for job search. Some of them are free like workshops, libraries, college placement departments or Department of Labor in each state.

4. Have multiple templates for you resume and cover letter so that you can edit the content to suit the job needs. Just remember that the introduction and the contact information will remain the same and updated.

5. Keep on reviewing samples to get an idea on how to prepare a perfect resume for a particular job. It also applies for cover letters.

6. Utilize the job search engines which cater to user specific needs. These job search engines will help you to search major job boards, associations, company websites, and job postings. Also do not forget to search forums for job postings. This is a quick method of applying for the right job.

7. Use the job alerts technology to get to know about latest jobs and vacancies through emails. All the major job portals offer this service. They have specialized apps to circulate news and job offers.

8. Have your references ready while you search for a job. This will save your time when you land one.

9. Use your social network both online and offline. Many organizations hire people known by their employees. Make sure to be on top of the list people in their good books. Also use your network online to seek jobs.

10. Do various types of search while looking for a job. Do not get stuck only with the big shots. Do geographic location specific search as well.