Career is something everybody dreams about. To have a fantastic start to a career ensures progress in your chosen career, though maintaining a successful one is a different story altogether. Launching a career is not easy. You have to do research as to which field you wish to be a part of and then of course you must people skills which is immensely important these days.

For freshers, it is important to gather experience. Your attitude and social skills make a huge difference in earning your first job. Employers these days want to have an entire package that is someone with good grades, internship experience, co-curricular involvement and experience in leadership roles. You are expected to communicate your capabilities in your resume or Curriculum Vitae. The Internet today is such a powerful medium that potential employers will search you on Google and find you on LinkedIn and Facebook to check your profile. Hence, maintaining an updated proper profile is necessary.

Internship experience counts a lot these days. So, focus on the tasks that you had carried out during the period and include them carefully in your resume. It can bring forth your work ethics, attitude and innovation. You have to mould yourself to become a professional from a student. Arrive at your office on time and demonstrate reliability. Be focused during interviews and come across as someone who is keen to contribute to the organization and a team player. Propelling the organization towards success should be your primary focus.

Do not just keep to yourself. Build your network both internally and externally as these people will be your mouth piece in times of need. It is important to let others know what are you upto. It helps in building trust and also your image. However, try to keep your personal and professional life separate. Most important thing is to know where your passion lies. Start exploring career options well in advance. You cannot land at a job easily after graduation without minimum research. So, know what you want to do and which you want to move and plan accordingly.