If you are considering a career in the social care sector, there are a number of personality attributes that lend themselves well to the role of a care worker. Whilst working with vulnerable older people can be challenging, it is equally as rewarding, varied and fulfilling and is most definitely a profession to be taken seriously.

In order to be a successful candidate for an elderly care worker, you should have the following personality traits:


Taking on this kind of work leaves you with high levels of responsibility; you will be directly involved with the health and wellbeing of individuals. You must be dependable and organised; carrying out important tasks such as distributing medicines and being in charge of an individual’s every day care.


You must be caring and compassionate to excel in this industry. A caring attitude goes a long way, and is vital for providing a happy and comfortable environment for residents. Many are at risk of becoming lonely or isolated, but as a care worker you are in a position to help prevent this and ensure they remain a part of the community.


Respect is another extremely important quality for a care worker to possess. A genuine atmosphere of mutual respect between residents and workers leads to a more successful and effective service and in turn ensures elderly people are living with the dignity they deserve.


Elderly and vulnerable people are often unable to carry out even basic tasks as quickly and easily as others. Giving people time and space and showing a great deal of patience is a key attribute to a good social care worker.


You must be empathetic and sensitive to the requirements and individual circumstances of each individual resident you are dealing with. It could be that you need to be highly perceptive in order to notice an issue, or simply listen and offer comfort in times of need.

People skills

Working in adult social care involves, above all, lots of interaction with people. You’ll need to have an approachable and friendly personality, able to communicate comfortably with people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and with various disabilities. Your job will also see you having to communicate clearly with fellow professionals.

If you think you would suit a role in the social care industry and want to make a genuine difference to peoples’ lives, there are a number of suffolk carer jobs currently available; get involved today!