It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting university or college, straight out of school, or you’ve been in the same career for years – finding the ideal career path is something that everyone has to face. Sometimes this is something that changes over time and you may find yourself having to re-examine what that “ideal career” truly is for you.

So how do you find out what the best career path is? What will make you feel happy and satisfied? What job will motivate you to get up and put in 100% each and every day? Well there are a few tips you can use that will help steer you in the right direction. Take a Quiz – Learn a Little Something About Yourself
A career quiz can be an excellent tool that will help you learn about yourself and help to give you some suggestions and ideas. These quizzes tend to look at your interests, skills, and experience as a whole. All too often, people get caught up in their educational background and experience and forget to include such things as their own skills, personality, and interests. In order to find something that makes you truly happy, it’s best to look at all of these factors.

Think About the Lifestyle You Want
Part of what will make you happy in your career is if it allows you to have the lifestyle you want. This doesn’t just relate to money, it relates to how much time you want to spend working, what kind of environment you want to work in, if you want to travel, etc. By determining what lifestyle you want, you can certainly start to narrow down the options.

What Are You Really Good At?
Everyone has certain talents and skills, stuff that they are really good at and just seems to come naturally to them. Take some time to figure out what it is you’re really good at, and then start to think of ways those skills can be used in different careers.

Do You Feel Passionate About It?
Another question to ask yourself is what industries do you feel passionate about? Choosing a career in a field you have no real passion for will likely end up leaving you unsatisfied down the road. If there is an industry you feel excited about, interested in, and passionate about, then that is definitely the route you want to explore.

Try Out the Field through Volunteering
Volunteering is a wonderful way to “try out” a field and see what everyday life would be like. It will give you a sense of the dynamics, responsibility, workplace atmosphere, and general feel of that industry. Obviously, you won’t be able to try out the exact position you have your eye on, but getting in the door is usually eye-opening enough. Stay Confident – It’s Out There One of the most important tips when trying to figure out your ideal career path is to stay confident and believe that the perfect job is out there. You can use this time as a learning experience to discover more about yourself, so that you can find something that makes you truly happy.