In today's economy, finding a job is not an easy task. it doesn't matter if you are young or older, if you have an experience or you just got out of college. the economy is recovering, but still at a slow paste, and many people still have hard time finding a job, any job.

It will get worst, before it will get better unfortunately, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to be done in helping ourselves finding a decent job. first thing is stay positive. yes, that's right. your behavior and demeanor goes a long way when you go to job interviews, and send out resumes. Employers wants a good vibe and energy, and a positive one to bring to the work place.

Secondly you need connections. not necessarily be the son of the CEO, that's easy. I mean create a LinkedIn account, and gather connections and friends who will spread the word. it will present your former work and connection and will make the decision making process easier to the employer.

Third: evolve. easy to say, hard to do, but, there is a big upside in here. take a course and extend your areas of expertise. be proactive. if there is something you not sure of, learn. don't think you don't have a chance, you do. you need to stick out from the crowd, think outside the box, and be positive. always. at the end of the day, you will find an employer who will be impressed and give you a chance.