The economic downturn might have taken a toll on your career. Either you have been laid off or you wish to find another job for some extra income. In any case, these following tips will help to improve your chance for a better job.

• Use your existing network to find a job. Start by letting people know that you are in need of a job. Talk to colleagues and friends and ask them to inform you as soon as they hear anything regarding a job. If you are looking to make some additional income, then inform about it to your supervisor and convince him/her that it will hamper your productivity with the firm.

• It is time to evaluate your resume. Consult your friends, books, online articles guiding you to build up an effective resume which will aid in landing a job during recession.

• Focus on your skills and stop bothering about your work history. You might have some transferable skills that may be useful in some other industry. Do not confine your search only in the familiar industry, go beyond that.

• Look through the company profile and vacancies or demands of the competitor organization. Being in a particular industry for a long time opens you up to explore the competition. Approach the competitors who can use your experience.

• Post your updated resume with your current status to job search engines. There are several of them now and make sure to do a city based search as well. Make your professional information accessible by companies and be aware of spammers. It is best to incorporate particular keywords in your resume to be searchable and also avoid mentioning your previous salary because it is best to be open to different kinds of offers in such hard times.

• Relocating could be a good option for you. Sometimes other cities or towns might have better opportunities for you.

• Though online search is the trend, still do not underestimate cold calling. Visit business houses in person to build a rapport that might pose an opportunity.