Are you looking for a new job or you are just new to the job arena? Here are some quick tips to land a job quickly.

1. Get a separate email account to search job. This will help you keep emails organized and clutter free. Use this email account only for job search.

2. Always have your resume updated with current facts. If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, set up one right now. It is the largest professional network in the current times.

3. Use all your resources wisely for job search. Some of them are free like workshops, libraries, college placement departments or Department of Labor in each state.

4. Have multiple templates for you resume and cover letter so that you can edit the content to suit the job needs. Just remember that the introduction and the contact information will remain the same and updated.

5. Keep on reviewing samples to get an idea on how to prepare a perfect resume for a particular job. It also applies for cover letters.

6. Utilize the job search engines which cater to user specific needs. These job search engines will help you to search major job boards, associations, company websites, and job postings. Also do not forget to search forums for job postings. This is a quick method of applying for the right job.

7. Use the job alerts technology to get to know about latest jobs and vacancies through emails. All the major job portals offer this service. They have specialized apps to circulate news and job offers.

8. Have your references ready while you search for a job. This will save your time when you land one.

9. Use your social network both online and offline. Many organizations hire people known by their employees. Make sure to be on top of the list people in their good books. Also use your network online to seek jobs.

10. Do various types of search while looking for a job. Do not get stuck only with the big shots. Do geographic location specific search as well.