If you wish to shorten your job search and find the best one for you, you have to follow the tips given below:

• Seeking the advice of a professional career coach will cut down on your time to look for a job. The coach will provide effective advice and will help you in identifying a suitable job for you which will enhance your skills, knowledge and expertise and will take into account your work preferences, value and personality.

• A professional resume writer will prepare a perfect resume for you highlighting your skills and your USP. Job search is a highly specific zone where if you do not have clear goals then you might get lost. Hence, a professional resume writer will incorporate keywords and catchphrases and address issues in your resume which is current in the industry to get you an interview for your dream job.

• Just bagging an interview is not enough. It is just the first step to a long and prosperous career. It is wise to prepare for interviews beforehand so that you do not mess up at the crunch time. A coach is capable of training you to the often asked questions in an interview like “tell us about yourself”. Remember in most cases the first impression is the last usually.

• Do an honest self evaluation and work towards eliminating your weaknesses. It is important to stay ahead of the competition. So, check your competitors and study their resumes nicely so that you can work on your own weaknesses and get rid of them to achieve your goal. Remember there is shortcut to search jobs but no shortcut to achieving success.

• Haven’t you considered promoting your photos? May be its time then. Photos speak volumes about your personality and thus having a couple of them always helps. Have some in action photos to cut down on your job search.

Follow a methodology and do not just sit and send resumes continuously. That does not help. Properly prepared resume being sent to proper places help.