It is being forecasted by experts that the jobs market will improve in 2014 across the world. All the major countries are experiencing record highs in stock market which is a good sign indicating that the economy is becoming stable and that there will be rise in the vacancies. In 2013 recruitment was slow and senior and mid level recruitment froze. New recruits were being taken unless that was for filling key gaps in organizations. 2014 will witness a flurry of new jobs and new recruits across industries along 20% hike in salaries.

The chief economist and MD of Deutsche Bank Securities is the opinion that if they could maintain a steady rise of 3% from 2013 through 2014 then the jobs prospect will improve in the US. This should be good news for millions of people who are completely out of job and also for part-timers possessing the quality for full time jobs with better salaries. Many economists believe that 2014 will not only witness a rise in job opportunities but also a rise in better quality jobs which will pay high and utilize the skills of employees properly.

Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of Federal Reserve stated that there has been a decrease in the unemployment rate by 7% in the year end of 2013 which is a positive sign. Nonfarm jobs have increased by 203,000 jobs which indicate a rise in vacancies. One thing which worries the economists is the inequality in cash distribution. While the underemployed labor is working at a low wage rate, the companies are stocking up on cash because they are also following the trend of lower payment to employees. The organizations have a staggering $6.8 trillion of cash only in US according to Thomson Reuters.

When this money will be paid, invested the companies will expand increasing the job market and opportunities for people. Economists are optimistic that the job market will improve in 2014 and the education, IT, agri-business, infrastructure sectors are going to witness robust hiring. Hence, right from economists to the corporate MDs everybody is hopeful that the job market will open up in 2014.